Event: Richy’s Diner Car Show

A small car show at our local American diner.

Richy’s Diner is an American-style diner in Tiverton. It’s also a car washing a valet place, near the youth club and leisure centre, not far from the town centre. They have good food, especially the breakfasts and burgers.

The owner’s connection with ‘car people’ means they also sometimes host car shows, where they cram an impressive number of interesting cars into a small space, with food and drinks available from the diner.

We ended up there for food at the end of a long photoshoot with Lauren, and the last few shots of Lauren were taken just behind the diner, using a stack of pallets as a background.

We hit the problem here that while I take a lot of photos of cars, I don’t know much about them, so this is going to be a bit heavy on photos, and light in information.

A few details and badges:

Even I can recognise a Mini, and they’re very good to photograph.

A few more details:

There was also a McLaren:

And then was the Borgward Isabella. Resistance was futile.

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