Chloe Valentine in Exeter

We’ve seen Chloe Valentine a couple of times before, and it was time for another shoot. This time, we were keeping it simple – meet up in Exeter, starting in Guildhall, and just wander around looking for inspiration. No plan, no specific expectations, just see what happened.

We started with a roller shutter, and the wall of the old church there.

There’s a narrow alleyway with one end in the square at Guildhall, called Parliament Street. It’s sometimes said to be the narrowest street in the world, but it seems rather inaccurately, as there are narrower streets. But I do find it quite amusing that it was named Parliament Street because it’s so narrow as to be almost useless, like the minds of most of Parliament. This was a long time ago, but things don’t seem to change too rapidly.

A reflective window for some more shots.

We decided to wander down to Iron Bridge, which is, well, an old iron bridge. Not sure why, as my last attempt to get some photos there, with Tianna, hadn’t gone so well, but I was convinced there must be some shots to be found. We found an interesting wall on the way. Maybe not interesting in itself, but it made a good background, especially with the steep hill.

Fortunately, this time, Iron Bridge was a bit more generous with its photo ops, starting with the steps to get up and down from the bridge.

And down under the bridge, Chloe was quite taken with this old door and sign.

From under the bridge, we’re quite handy for Exeter Catacombes, an old cemetary on a steep hill. So we made some use of the old graves and trees.

It’s a steep climb unp there, but we slowly made our way up to the top, where more photos using the railings were a good chance to rest.

As we wandered through backstreets from there, we found some ivy, and Chloe sometimes goes by the name Ivy, so we had to put the two together.

We found a little garden that seemed like it probably has some sort of historical story around it, but might have just been a little garden between houses. And doors are always good.

After a bit more wandering, we were somewhat surprised to suddenly find ourselves on Fore Street. I don’t think either of us had been keeping track of where we were. We headed back up into the city centre, and on to the cathedral.

Not sure Chloe was entirely impressed with my idea of posing her behind the “Not Your Average Tart” sign.

We were almost done, but some steps between the cathedral and Princesshay gave us a nice bit of symmetry for Chloe, and her bottle of Yummy Unicorn.

One of the glass display stands in Princesshay had broken, and they’d wrapped it up for safety until it could be replaced – it looked like a bubble-wrapped surfboard, but it made an interesting background for a couple of final shots.

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