Wandering Exeter with Chloe Valentine

Another shoot with Chloe, staying pretty light on planning this time. Meet at Guildhall, wander around. That was the plan. Guildhall includes some interesting backgrounds, so we got started right there.

Chloe had decided on a blue wig, giving a bit of an anime style.

We got a few shots in Parliament Street, which connects part of Guildhall to Exeter’s High Street. It’s not the narrowest street in the world, as is sometimes claimed, but it may actually have been named Parliament Street because it was narrow and of limited use, like the minds in parliament.

It is quite useful for photoshoots, though, I’ve used it a few times.

A red window made for some nice reflections.

And a steep hill for some interesting angles. On the plus side, at least we were heading down, not up. Unfortunately, that meant we’d have a bit of hill climbing to do later.

That took us to Ironbridge, which is pretty much what you’d expect from the name. Some good angles, though, using the steps up the side.

Down under Ironbridge are some nicely grungy doors and signs.

That led us around to the old cemetery, with the catacombs at the top. I’d usually avoid using graves for posing models, but it’s a very old cemetery.

The railings up at the top gave us some of my favourite photos from the shoot.

Chloe sometimes goes by the name Ivy, and she’s definitely a grass type Pokémon, so we got some photos of her in the ivy. And played some Pokémon GO.

She was very taken with this flower.

We ended up at Cathedral Green, and the old doors around there are irresistible backgrounds.

I know I probably should have moved Chloe’s unicorn-flavour drink out of shot, but it looked too cute sitting there. I probably would have got her to sit symmetrically to match the symmetry of the background, but I prefer what she did.

Chloe is definitely not your average tart.

I think I might have been more amused by that than she was. And the shot really didn’t come out, I missed the focus quite badly. But I still like it.

We grabbed a couple of final shots at a wrapped up broken glass display, and called the shoot done.

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