A Short Walk Around Exeter

I haven’t been taking many photos recently. My photography had changed a few years back, from mainly doing quite abstract stuff, just wandering around looking for random things to photograph, to mostly working with models on photoshoots. I’d been enjoying it. But then there was this pandemic. It wasn’t especially conducive to collaborative work like modelling shoots.

Along with that, we moved home, from Tiverton to nearby Exeter, going from very suburban living to very much city living. If you’re thinking that city living could be quite handy for photography, well, I thought that too, and still do think that. But the process of actually moving wasn’t so good for it.

But it seems like now is a good time to try getting back to some photography. So I started with a little wander around Exeter, starting from home, near Fore Street, and, well, ending there again, because otherwise I wouldn’t be home.

This is some garages near home:

If you’re thinking the image quality isn’t exactly the best, this is the Lomography Minitar lens. It’s intentionally bad, for a sort of ‘toy camera’ effect. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. To be honest, most of the photos from this walk would have been much better with a different lens, but this one is tiny and very quick and easy to shoot with, so it seemed like a good choice. It wasn’t about the outcome, it was about doing it. And I did it.

Flower? Sunrise? Deformed pawprint? I’m not sure, but I quite like it anyway.

A few more…

Reflection in the blacked-out window of Fatface. I assume the name is intended to be amusingly ironic and they don’t do anything in my size, but I’ve never checked.

We’ve had food delivered from Slim Chickens a couple of times, without actually knowing where it was. Happened upon it in Princesshay.

And we’ll finish on a few more that lead us back home.

So that’s it. I quite like a few of them, but more importantly, I enjoyed getting out with my camera in a way I haven’t for a long time. Hopefully I’ll do a bit better next time, probably with the help of a more ‘normal’ lens. At least I haven’t forgotten which buttons to press, and still seem to have at least some sense of what to point the camera at.

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