PigPog is Michael Randall. I’m an amateur photographer, in Tiverton, Devon, UK. I work at Cult Pens, which is fun for a pen geek. I take a lot of photos, but mainly now working with local models.

Keeping Up to Date


If you know what RSS is, go for it. If not, probably just stick with one of the social media links – whatever you use. If you have a few sites you go to regularly to see what’s new, though, an RSS reader can make life easier.

Social Media

Whatever you use…

Why ‘PigPog’?

PigPog was a cat. ‘PigPog’ wasn’t his real name, but it was what we called him (this happens a lot with cats). He had a fight with a Peugeot. He lost. He died.

When we came to look for a name for our site, it was about the only thing we could think of that was reasonably pronounceable, spellable, and available. It seems to work.

Privacy Policy

It seems a bit over-the-top to have a privacy policy for a personal site, but we have to do it for legal reasons. So here it is.

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