Michael Randall

Self Portrait

“Art is just showing people something they’ve seen before.”

I’m Michael – one half of PigPog, along with my wife Sam (who can also be found at Randall Acts Comedy), and I don’t write bios in the third person. We live in Tiverton, in Devon, UK. I work at The SQL Workshop, the company behind Cult Pens, which is fun for a geek with a bit of a pen obsession.

Where Else Am I?

  • My photography is on Flickr, as well as here on PigPog. I’ve been using Flickr for a long time. My photos generally go here first, though.
  • I’m also on Instagram, but most things I post there are from here, just a few hours or days later.
  • You can follow me on Twitter if you like. I don’t tweet very often, but new PigPog posts get sent there, and I occasionally blurt out a thought, or something I think is funny.

I generally go by the user name pigpogm.

  • Here on PigPog, I write most of the posts, and look after the design and coding. I can be reached at [email protected].
  • I’m pigpogm on Facebook, though I tend to keep that to people I actually know in some way, online or off. Add me if you like. I might not add you back if I don’t know you, but you can follow me without being ‘friends’, if you like.

In general, if there’s a user on a service called pigpogm, it’s probably me. I’m not aware of anyone impersonating me so far – or even wanting to. There is at least one person who sometimes goes by the user ID pigpog, but there’s no connection.

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