Michael Randall

Self Portrait

“Art is just showing people something they’ve seen before.”

I’m Michael – one half of PigPog, along with my wife Sam (who can also be found at Randall Acts Comedy), and I don’t write bios in the third person. We live in Tiverton, in Devon, UK. I work at The SQL Workshop, the company behind Cult Pens, which is fun for a geek with a bit of a pen obsession.

Where Else Am I?

  • My photography is on Flickr, as well as here on PigPog. I’ve been using Flickr for a long time. My photos generally go here first, though, and don’t all make it to Flickr.
  • You can follow me on Twitter if you like. I don’t tweet very often, but I do have my faves of other people’s Flickr photos going there automatically. The hope is you’ll see some nice photos popping into your feed from time to time, but it might just be a bit annoying. If you find it annoying, I won’t be offended if you stop following again.

I generally go by the user name pigpogm.

  • Here on PigPog, I write many of the posts, and look after the design and coding. I can be reached at [email protected].
  • I’m pigpogm on Facebook, though I tend to keep that to people I actually know in some way, online or off. Add me if you like. I might not add you back if I don’t know you, but you can follow me without being ‘friends’, if you like.
  • I’m also pigpogm on Apple’s Game Center.

In general, if there’s a user on a service called pigpogm, it’s probably me. I’m not aware of anyone impersonating me so far – or even wanting to. There is at least one person who sometimes goes by the user ID pigpog, but there’s no connection.