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Moving to Tailwind

After my last post about getting started with Astro, I’m happy so far with my decision to start from (relative) scratch with a new install, just using the default Astro Blog as a starting point. Using a full theme someone else had written should make things easier, but it was a lot to start with, making it harder to understand what I had.

But I do want to make things easier on myself, and Tailwind sounded like a good way to do that. I haven’t really done much HTML since CSS came along, to be honest, and a lot about CSS has never really felt right to me. Tailwind seems to answer some of the problems I had with it. And it integrates really well with Astro. So I installed it, and set about converting just the footer into Tailwind.

It went well. The footer was a good starting point - not much to do, really, but enough to see how things work. It had a block of styles at the bottom of the .astro file, applying various styles. I just looked up what each one was in Tailwind, and added them to the relevant elements. Tweaked a few colours as I went, to make it look a little closer to what I want, and I was good to go.

There’s plenty more to do, but it does feel like it makes styling things a lot easier, so I’m happy so far.