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Learning to Learn Slowly

Not much progress with Astro today. I did manage to get a three-column layout working, using Tailwind for a CSS grid.

But for my next trick, I wanted to make a table of contents in one of the sidebars. It’s commonly done on documentation sites, so you can see where you are on a big page. Not super useful for a little blog post like this one, especially when it has no headers, but useful on longer pages.

But I tried copying code from several different sources to merge into what I already had, and it didn’t go well. I hit a problem each time where I realised I just didn’t understand what I was working with. I tried converting JavaScript into TypeScript without knowing much of either. I tried copying over code before noticing it was all made up of Preact components, and I don’t even have Preact installed. Don’t really even know what it is.

Time to back off. I need to do smaller bits, and understand them at least somewhat as I go, building on them to make the next step.

I think I need to accept that this site is not going to be ‘finished’ any time soon. Definitely not before my WordPress account comes up for renewal. But maybe it’s very close to being a minimum viable PigPog. As long as the old pages that are linked to elsewhere work usably, the rest can come later.