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More general life-related stuff, that doesn’t fit elsewhere. A bit random, maybe.


It’s hip to be square. Part of the outside of The Core building at the Eden Project.

Bel Air

Disappointingly, the license plate did not say ‘FRESH’, and there were no dice on the mirror.


YO! Bowls. At YO! Sushi. Processed with one of onOne Perfect B&W’s fake film presets.

Two Sams

Sam, photographing the roof of The Core, at the Eden Project.

Seed Surface

Another close-up of the surface of the Seed art installation inside The Core, at the Eden Project.


Different types of roofs, at the Eden Project. The biomes take up most of the frame, with The Core’s eye-like skylights in the foreground. They’re accompanied by a little conical tent thing on the left – teepee? No, I’ve mainly…