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More general life-related stuff, that doesn’t fit elsewhere. A bit random, maybe.


Gotta respect a man with a Noddy balloon.


I made pork crackling. Well, there was a roast pork joint under it, but the crackling was the star. It was delicious.


We don’t know what this is. It’s right outside our front door, but there isn’t a doorbell. We’ve tried touching it, but nothing happened.


A fern and an old leaf, in the tropical biome at the Eden Project.

Sunshine Heart Dreams

Dreaming of a better world. Street art in Tiverton. I’ve photographed this one before, but the sun had been fading, and someone’s re-coloured it, and added the hearts.

Have a Heart

Part of a sculpture outside The Core, at the Eden Project.

Doorway to the Seed

The entrance to the Seed art installation, in The Core at the Eden Project, with the edge of the Seed itself on the right. Almost the same shot as one I’ve posted before, but this time, focussing on the Seed,…