PigPog Migration Status

I’m in the process of moving PigPog, rebuilding the site in the process, and it’s going to take a while. Sorry for the mess.

The latest status updates are below, latest first, then a bit of background further down if you care about that sort of thing…

  • Site live and working nicely. A few old posts brought across. Getting lots more posts prepared offline, ready to go, so there should be plenty more coming soon. A bit of yak shaving first, setting up my own account on the MacBook Pro that now belongs to Sam, because the very old MacBook Air is too slow to work with.
  • Switched over – this is now the live site. A problem came up with the old site, so it seemed easier to make the switch.
  • Started building the photo set posts – probably won’t be very long now before I switch over to make this the live site.
  • Most of the old blog posts I intend to save are now over here. Most will be lost forever, but they probably won’t be missed.
  • Got the classic PigPogPDA copied over. A blast from the past, but people still use that post.
  • Setting up PigPog on a temporary domain. Barely any content yet.


Why move? Well, a couple of main reasons.

Firstly, it’s expensive. PigPog used to be a lot busier than it is now, and web hosting was harder. It was hosted on a dedicated server, which really isn’t needed now, and that’s pretty expensive for a hobby site.

Secondly, it wasn’t being reliable. Images were failing to load. I don’t know where the problem was, but things were complicated enough that working that out wasn’t going to be easy. There’s the web hosting platform, and its network connectivity. There’s WordPress itself. There’s JetPack, which changes how images are displayed. Then there was Cloudflare, protecting it all.

Basic troubleshooting wasn’t helping, and since the hosting was both way overkill and expensive, I figured it was time to change.

But why a complete rebuild of the site? There are migration options, but everything I tried failed. PigPog has been going for a long time, with thousands of posts, and the vast majority of it wasn’t relevant any more. Even if I did manage to bring it all over, I’d be using up a lot of space for photos that aren’t relevant now anyway. A fresh start seemed like a good idea.

Yes, I’ll lose Google Juice. Stuff will disappear from the web. But I don’t care too much about the former, and I don’t think anyone will miss the stuff that vanishes.