Models I’ve worked with. I’ve worked with a lot more since, but I’ll fill this out as I post the Shoot Stories from their shoots.


Lauren was how I got started working with models. She wanted to try modelling, and as a friend, I said I’d have a go, even though I didn’t do people. Turned out, we both enjoyed it.


Lauren is an artist, creating wonderful characters, and you can commission her to turn you or your friends into characters too – just like she did for my profile pic! They make great gifts, or a nicely different profile pic.


Holli was the first model I found after Lauren, and soon became a good friend too.


Holli is an artist, creating beautiful drawings, mainly of animals and birds.


We knew Abi years ago, but hadn’t talked to her in a long time, but I was very glad I thought of her when looking for models – she was great.


  • Abi in the Park – a quick shoot in the park, hurrying before it got dark.


Charlie is a very good friend, so we were bound to end up doing a shoot at some point. She lives quite a distance away, so we don’t get to see her so often, but we’ve taken the chance a couple of times.


Charlie is also an actor, with a few stage and TV shows to her name, including a small role in Casualty.

Alex Kelsey

I found Alex through PurplePort, and we did a shoot in Bristol.

Find her on PurplePort: