We’ve been getting our hands on an assortment of old creativity-related things, which we’ll be photographing and trying out (well, either that, of I’ve just got really addicted to buying old pens on eBay, and this is my excuse – either’s good).


  • Burnham B48 in Black: From a car boot sale find to… What? No idea yet, the story has just begun – you can follow along and see how my fixing attempts go.
  • Soho Cadet 120 Film Camera: From the days when switching on meant pulling the bellows out – a camera from the 1930s.
  • Pelikan Go! Fountain Pen: A relatively recent fountain pen – Pelikan’s 80s or 90s attempt at capturing the funky youth fountain pen market. The Go! isn’t available any more, so maybe the market never existed.
  • 1953 Coronation Pencil: Made at the Pencil Works in Stapleford, Nottinghamshire to commemorate the coronation.
  • Sheaffer Touchdown and Snorkel Fountain Pens: The snorkel is the most complex filling mechanism in any fountain pen. Also, the red Saratoga was my first ever attempt at repairing a fountain pen – did I do well?

Coming Soon

This museum has been a bit dead for a while now. I’ve picked up my obsession with buying old tat on eBay again, though, so we should have some new stuff coming up fairly soon

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