Alignment of Planets on 1 May 2002

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Planets on 1 May 2002

The brightest object shown (right of centre) is Venus. Venus is badly over-exposed.
To the left of and above Venus is Mars.
Left of and slightly below Mars is Saturn.
Mercury, usually very difficult to see, is to the right and below Venus; just above the clouds.
Jupiter was visible when this picture was taken but was beyond the top left of the photograph.

The star below Saturn, also near the clouds, is Aldebaran; the eye of Taurus the Bull.
The star in the top left corner of the photograph is the tip of one of the horns of Taurus.

Please note that the photograph above, of the planets on 1 May 2002, may not be used (other than viewed on this website) without prior permission of the copyright holder. Contact - Tim Randall.

The photograph was taken at 21:19 U.T. on 1 May 2002, with a Pentax Optio digital camera using a manual setting of 5 seconds at f2.6; all other settings at auto/default except for flash which was set to 'off'.

This photograph is about one quarter of the area of the original digital image.

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