Alignment of Five Planets on 5 May 2002

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A labelled drawing of the view is shown below the descriptive text.

Planets on 5 May 2002

The bright object upper-left is Jupiter.
The brightest object shown (low and right of centre) is Venus. Venus is badly over-exposed, hence the glow around it.
Just left and a little above Venus is Mars.
Just below Mars is Saturn.
Elusive Mercury is the most difficult planet to find. It is to the right and below Venus; just above a wavy line of dark cloud.

The stars to the upper-right are those of the constellation Auriga.
The star just right of centre is from Taurus (the tip of one of his horns).
The tip of the other horn of Taurus is fainter and is diagonally down to the left.
The stars close to and below Jupiter, are those of Gemini.

Please note that the photograph above, of the planets on 5 May 2002, may not be used (other than viewed on this website) without prior permission of the copyright holder. Contact - Tim Randall.

The photograph was taken at 21:52 U.T. on 5 May 2002, with a Pentax Optio digital camera using a manual setting of 10 seconds at f2.6; all other settings at auto/default except for flash which was set to 'off'.

Drawing of Planets on 5 May 2002

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