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Northern Images


One sequence of thirteen photographs, taken on our recent Sri Lankan holiday (see Holiday Experiences in Taprobane) had been puzzling me since our return home.

After visiting a number of websites featuring wild cats of the Indian Sub-Continent, I wondered if the animal I had captured on film was a cross with a domestic cat; perhaps a rusty spotted cat cross.

Jungle Cat

I sent a copy of this photograph to Peter Jackson of the Cat Specialist Group. He very quickly replied explaining that my picture is of a jungle cat (Felis chaus) and that there are not many photographs of this species in the wild.

Consequently, I have sent copies of all thirteen photographs to Peter, for non-commercial use by the Group.

The photographs were taken in Uda Walawe Nationa Park, Sri Lanka at about 14:00hrs local time on 23 December 2004. In view of the location, further investigations on the Internet suggest that it must have been Felis chaus kelaarti.

Serendipitous indeed!

(Serendib was the Arab name for Sri Lanka in the distant past.
This gave rise to the English word 'serendipity' - the gift of making delightful discoveries by pure accident.)

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