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NEWS - a nest box fitted with camera has been used this year - see the photographs.

Over the years I have made many nest boxes for garden and woodland birds. I began with boxes for my own garden, then for the woodland around the caravan that we owned in Teesdale. I have also made boxes for friends and neighbours. Recently I have been making them for a charity, to help them raise funds.

I like to make the boxes, as far as possible, from recovered materials such as packaging and pallets. Offcuts and left-overs are also useful - I hate to see timber wasted. Rough sawn timber is preferable to that with a planed finish; it's cheaper too (I was almost tempted to use a pun there).

The nature of the wood used means that there will be small gaps in the sides and base. These gaps are actually essential to allow moisture to drain away. If the gaps are too small, I drill drainage holes in the base. The top should, however, be reasonably watertight.

The pallets that I have been given lately have battens which are too narrow for most parts of the box. I glue two similar lengths together and clamp them until the glue has set.

The example in the photograph has three different hole sizes (see Box with hole (tit box) for suggested sizes). Scraps of wood have been secured by single screws below the holes so that they can cover the hole or be turned to expose it. This allows a single box to used to target different species according to choice or circumstances.

If you would like to try making your own nest box, please follow one of the links below:

Box with hole (tit box)
Open fronted box

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