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Tim Randall

former teacher of

Information and Communication Technology

and Science


I taught science in Haughton Comprehensive School in Darlington for 28 years.

From 1992 to 1995 I was seconded as a Curriculum Support Teacher, for science and assessment, in County Durham.

For two and a half years I worked as tutor/Information Technology specialist with TRAC, an educational charity. This was the job that took me to Nottingham.

From 1997 to 2000 I taught Information and Communication Technology in Dagfa House School - the happiest three years of my whole career. I found Dagfa to be rewarding and caring school in which to teach and learn.

I am now semi-retired and living, once again, in County Durham. I develop and maintain websites and tutor courses on Digital Photography and Computing for the Terrified at Woodham Community Centre.


I first began to use computers in 1979 and bought my own, the first of many, shortly afterwards.

During the 1980s I was heavily involved in programming and had two educational programs published.

I have taught many pupils, teachers and friends to use computers. Over the years I have been involved as a hardware engineer and a software trainer.

Since retiring I have continued to enjoy using computers for a wide range of activities including developing websites. This led to me to being invited to tutor courses across County Durham on digital photography, producing websites and introducing beginners to computers, word processing, the Internet and email.

Other websites originally developed or maintained by Tim Randall

Pioneering Care Centre    Locomotion Sea Angling Club
Sedgefield Community Website
Assistance given in the development of Karakalpaks Website.


- computers, including website design and image processing.

- home wine-making.

- photography - particularly of the natural world.

- astronomy.

- nature and wildlife.

- gardening.

- sea angling with the Locomotion Sea Angling Club.

12lb cod

Irene and I have been married since 1966, having met at college in Coventry.

We have one son, Michael, born in the early seventies. He is a systems analyst and ’pen-numpty‘ (his description) working for Cult Pens. Both he and Sam spend much of their leisure time using computers and exploring the coutryside and towns in Devon, Somerset and Cornwall. They design and maintain the PigPog website.

My thanks to Michael and Sam who gave me the domain name of this website for my birthday.

Since returning to Durham we have renewed old frienships and gained many new friends through voluntary activities, part time work and hobbies.

We enjoy visiting countries around the world and this often gives me opportunities to conbine my love photography and the natural world. Many of the results can be seen on my Flickr account.

E-mail:         [email protected]

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