No Man's Sky is a game, made by Hello Games. It was first released back in 2016, but has had many updates since then, changing the game almost beyond recognition. All these updates have been free for anyone who has the base game.

It's now available on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, macOS, Steam Deck and PC.

I started playing in 2020, and as of 2023, I've mostly stopped. But I played so much, for so long, that I still think of it as my main game. Somewhere over 1,500 hours, in total, and I've played on all platforms it's available on, to varying extents, with Mac being my platform of choice for it these days. On my MacBook Pro M2 Max it runs very nicely with everything on ultra.


These are special time-limited events, where you have a set of objectives to do to complete a series of stages. Most objectives can be done in any order, but often there's some sort of lock - sometimes some objectives are 'encrypted' until you complete a specific one, and sometimes they involve something you won't get until you've got to a certain point.

I've done most of them, and have enjoyed most of them. Gave up entirely on one, partly because it started to feel like a chore, and mainly because I was quite obsessed with Timberborn at the time.

General tips for them: