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Street Photography

One of the main styles I do now, street photography is fun and accessible to start with, but hard to master (I certainly haven’t!) and can be challenging if you’re not naturally outgoing (I’m certainly not!).

I’ll fill this out more soon, but to start with, a few simple bullet points to get some ideas out:

  • While it can be easier for those who enjoy interacting with people, it’s really not that bad for those who don’t.
  • Experiences vary, probably at least partly with the place you live or where you’re trying it. In a touristy place, you might not get a second glance. In some places, people can be suspicious.
  • In my experience, making eye contact after the photo, and giving people a smile, makes them much less worried about what you’re up to.
  • ‘Fishing’ is a great technique. Find somewhere with a good ‘setup’ for a photo, that just needs a person to happen to walk through the right spot, and wait.
  • Street photography is not demanding on the camera. Image quality matters surprisingly little, focal lengths don’t usually need to be extremely long or wide, and a small sensor is fine. A faster camera can help. Your phone may be fine, but people might then think you’re setting up to mock them on the Internet. Cute compacts like the Ricoh GRiii and Fujifilm X100 series are popular, but cheaper compacts can do fine too.