Exeter is the closest city to Tiverton, where we live. Like most cities, it’s pretty mixed, with some beautiful historic parts and some not so nice bits. I’ve taken plenty of photos around there, and photographed a few models there too.

If you want to get more specific, see Exeter Cathedral, Guildhall, Quayside and Marsh Barton.

Gull Takes Off

In Exeter city centre. I was photographing the gull sitting on top of the phone boxes, and got lucky, catching it just as it took off. So. Phone boxes still exist. But now they contain The Internet.

Caneshia at the Quayside

Caneshia had posted on PurplePort looking for photographers to work with, and we set up a shoot on there. Exeter was easiest for her, and we settled on the Quayside – it’s a good place with a fair bit of variety for setups and backgrounds. We wandered along the side of the river, looking for…

Exeter Pride 2019

Some photos from the start of the Exeter Pride parade in 2019.

Sunny Shoot with Samantha

A multi-location shoot with Samantha, from Exeter Quayside to Bickleigh Mill, then on to Tiverton.

Shoot Story: Tianna Around Exeter

My first shoot with Tianna, just wandering around Exeter city centre looking for inspiration. It’s ok, we found some.

Exeter Pride 2017

I’d written a bit of story wrapped around these photos when they were originally posted, but now I’m coming to rebuild the post, it’s missing. Still, probably not worth worrying about – it’s a few years ago now, and there wasn’t really much of a story anyway. I went to Exeter Pride. I took photos.…

Bike Shed Theatre

A few photos backstage at the Bike Shed Theatre in Exeter.

A Walk in Exeter

A few photos from a walk around Exeter, mainly street art.

A Wander In Exeter

A walk by the River Exe and the Quayside in Exeter. Birds and street art.

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