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Kayleigh, Retouched

I don’t usually do much in the way of retouching photos. I prefer a more natural look, and apart from adding a bit of style to the image, I don’t think the models I work with need ‘correcting’. Skin should…

Lauren on the Bridge

A stronger edit than I usually do, using Affinity Photo on my iPad. Faded down the background to make Lauren stand out more, with added detail and contrast on her.

Lauren Is The Trees

An attempt at merging two photos – Lauren and some trees. The result isn’t quite what I really wanted, but it’s not bad – I started with a photo without too much background, and plenty of contrast on the edge…

Lauren, in Technicolor

Lauren, photographed at Bickleigh Mill. This one is passed through a macro for Affinity Photo on the iPad, that emulates the Technicolor process, giving a slightly odd and distinctive look to the colours.

Looking Left

The shot was originally ruined by one stray hair passing right across Holli’s left eye. I need to get better at noticing that sort of thing at the time, but Affinity Photo came to the rescue – the inpainting brush…

Leaf Fling

Lauren and Holli throwing leaves in the air. I was firing off lots of shots to catch the right moments as they threw them. Now I have an iPad Pro, I can use Affinity Photo, and this was the result…

Wry Know

One of the rhinos scattered around Exeter and beyond. I processed this one in Affinity Photo, more than usual. There wasn’t much contrast between rhino and background, so I added a layer to reduce the saturation, and masked it out…

La Cantina

A pano of La Cantina, who made what I think is probably the best burger I’ve ever eaten. 82 source photos, all taken with a Leica Elmar 135mm lens, manually put together in Affinity Photo. via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/uv2CfX