Mushy Peas: Food of the Gods

“Where did this dish come from? What’s the matter with peas? Why did people start mushing them? [tastes mushy peas] Oh, that’s why.” – Anthony Bourdain To do mushy peas justice you need to ensure the following: You are outside. Preferably on a chilly evening. Preferably at a fairground. The mushy peas are served to […]

Thoughts on Mindful Eating

The tall handsome American takes a seat outside a Parisian cafe. He takes a sip of coffee and looks out at the French city life unfolding before him. With a thoughtful pause, he sums up his experience: “It’s no accident that the institution, the cafe is so closely associated with the French. What do we […]

How Anthony Bourdain made my 2012.

The first time I saw Tony was on The Colbert Report. His interview with Stephen made him come across as a badass Ramsey-esque f-bomb loving food writer. About six months after that he was a guest on The Daily Show. That was the point when my interest in this man and his work increased to […]

Bringing the Bourdain – for the lucky ducks getting INtoxicated with Zamir.

The following is a little piece I wrote for the Facebook page of an event celebrating the last ever episode of Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations: So you’re going to the No Reservations party at Hotel at The Lafayette. You lucky duck. And you’ve registered for the Anthony Bourdain Lookalike Contest? You incredibly attractive […]