Not Shooting Wide Open

I tend to shoot any lens wide open – at its widest available aperture – whenever I can. When I can’t because it’s too sunny, I’ll sometimes use a neutral density filter to cut the light down so I can. Most lenses aren’t at their best when used wide open, but I tend to like […]

Colour Results from Black and White Photos

This is about how I use my Sony NEX to shoot black and white photos, but can switch any photo to colour later. There are long arguments about the relative merits of shooting RAW format or JPEG. Both have their good and bad points. While some people think shooting both together is a good idea, […]

Aperture’s Repair Tool

Sometimes, the marks that Aperture’s repair tool just won’t remove from a nice plain background are a hint that you need to clean your screen. I’ve also learned that the extra time spent to clone a few tiny dirt marks off the car bonnet in a photo can easily be worthwhile, because it saves time […]