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Clio V6 Badge

The back was open, to show off the engine, which fills the entire back of the car, including where the back seats would normally be. A V6 engine in a Clio.

Ferrari Brakes

I had to walk all the way round the car to find the only wheel where the spokes were lined up so the brake callipers could be seen.

Vanden Plas

I remember when this meant luxury. It was like ‘Ghia’ for Austin cars. In this case, the great Allegro. Used the Daily Vitamin filter in onOne Perfect Effects, with a little added local contrast.

Styled by Giugiaro

I can’t remember what car this was. Update: @adrianoconnor says it’s probably a Lotus Esprit. He’s probably right, which is a bit disturbing. The Esprit is probably one of the most amazing-looking cars ever made, and this is the picture…


The badge of a Singer car, along with some funky bokeh.


The front of an old Jaguar, at the Mid Devon Show. Processed with onOne’s Perfect Effects. Maybe all photographers go through a phase of adding silly borders to everything. It certainly looks that way on Flickr, and I’ve never liked…