Tag bag

Charlie Photographing

I don’t know what – maybe the squiggly lines on the wood blocks – I’ve photographed them before.

Foot and Maxpedition

My left foot, and pouches on my bag. The Maxpedition Janus pouch is really handy – becomes part of the sling backpack’s strap when I’m wearing it, but it’s a handy little bag on its own too when I’m not.

Sunflowers and Charlie

Charlie in the Mediterranean biome at the Eden Project, with their sunflower display.

I Heart Music

Fore Street in Tiverton, on the Feast of St James. There were jugglers.

Cath Kidston

Charlie’s bag, with Sam behind. Sam-shaped bokeh.


I ate my lunch too quickly to photograph it, so I took a photo of the bag instead.

Red Bag

A red plastic bag in a puddle, with autumn leaves.

Bag on Desk

Maxpedition M-1 Waistpack, sitting on my desk. I’ve been using this little pouch for years now, and it’s very handy. Still looks like new, too. Holds a surprising amount, but I do tend to over-stuff it, making it more clumsy…