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Stairway to Heaven

[See Flickr for bigger version](http://www.flickr.com/photos/pigpogm/18298228484).


The biomes of the Eden Project. Well, one of them.

Damaged Roof in Eden

It was windy, and one of the roof vents in the Mediterranean biome had been damaged. The thin part is supposed to lift the vents up and down, but the vent had pulled off it, and it had pierced the…


One of the biomes at the Eden Project.

Biome Roof

The roof of the Mediterranean biome, with the maintenance platform.

Eden Biomes (Pano)

Lots of shots, all processed first in onOne Perfect B&W, then stitched together in PanoEdit.

First Look at the Biomes

As you leave the entrance building, there’s a viewing platform to get your first look at the Eden Project’s biomes.