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The Shadows

While Sam was getting her new glasses at the optician, I decided to photograph their advertising displays. A Calvin Klein sign hanging in the window had some interesting shadows thrown on to it by a vase full of twigs in…


A metal bench, shining in the sun, at Tiverton Pannier Market.

Coffee at Quickes

We went for cheese, but we had coffee before shopping. The coffee was very good, too. Quicke’s Cheese.


A quick self portrait, in the form of my shadow, on the metal steps leading to our flat.

Shadows and Lines

Just as I was about to get in the car to head home from work, I noticed the sun shining on the ground, making harsh shadows.


We called in at M&S on the way home today, to pick up a few things for making sandwiches later. All good healthy fruit and veg – MyFitnessPal is doing its job well. I stopped outside to photograph the stack…