Why I Vape

I vape. That would probably surprise most people, because I’ve never been a smoker. Sam (my wife) used to smoke, many years ago, and had been getting tempted to do it again. She wanted to try vaping as an alternative. I’d got into the habit of eating chocolate and other snack food, each evening, which […]

Sam and the Hairy Bikers

“Who are you and what do you do?” “My name’s Sam and I’m a blogger.” Oh dear. What started out as a pleasant night out in Torquay became another one of those experiences I will remember forever with a mix of heart-swelling joy and soul-crushing embarrassment. We went to see the Hairy Bikers do their […]

Pre-Op Ramblings – Part Three

The mission to increase activity, guided by my excellent physiotherapist, continues and is going rather well. I soon became bored of the ‘dancing on the spot for ten minutes’ routine and after my second appointment my instructions were amended to ‘at least twelve minutes, three times a day of whatever you like’. This resulted in […]