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DoubleTake is Mac software for editing panography – rough panorama-type photos, or joiners. I don’t think it’s great for making straightforward panoramas, but hit ‘0’ (the zero key) when editing, and it turns off all attempts to blend the images, which makes it a really quick and easy way of dragging some images around, and building up a pano.

I often use it in conjunction with PanoEdit for clean stitching.

Big Owl

A sizeable owl at Paignton Zoo.

Capybara and Baby Capybara

Capybaras are big and cute. Problem is, capybaras just look like big guinea pigs. So how can you tell if this is a capybara with a baby capybara, or if they just put a perfectly normal guinea pig in there…

Bird and Cactus

It was a very still bird. I thought it was a model at first, but it did move occasionally. Leica Elmar lenses, a 90mm for most of the shots, and a 135mm for the bird. All glommed together using DoubleTake.

Flamingo Island

A pano of the island of flamingoes at Paignton Zoo, put together with DoubleTake. Roughly done on purpose. It’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle when there are enough source photos.

Lazing Lions

Lions lazing about at Paignton Zoo. Pano put together in DoubleTake.

Ostrich (Pano)

An ostrich. Maybe I liked the idea of making a pano (made using DoubleTake) out of a bunch of photos for the artistic effect, and to give more of an impression of movement and life to this animated creature. Or…

Stork Pano

A panograph of a stork, made using DoubleTake. I’ve started turning and skewing each image a bit to give things a more random look.

CAFE (Pano)

A pano of a cafe in an Airstream trailer, at the Exeter Christmas Market. The main background is stitched together in PanoEdit, then fed to DoubleTake along with a few of the images processed individually.

Totems at the Eden Project

A lot of shots of burnt wood totems in the rainforest biome at the Eden Project, by sculpture El Anatsui. PanoEdit actually failed to stitch these, so I resorted to DoubleTake. It took a long time, as they don’t really…

Tiverton Taste

I thought I’d take a few shots of the Tiverton Taste event from outside, as we left. I saw the young woman in the middle glance a bit suspiciously in my direction as I took the photos, and when I…