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Photographing the Pretty Girls

There was a photo-shoot with models wearing vintage outfits, posing around the vintage cars. I wasn’t the only one taking the chance to grab a few shots while they posed.

Charlie and the Penguin

Three shots, all processed quite differently in onOne Perfect Effects, then stuck together with DoubleTake. A penguin playing with dots of light, just like cats do, watched by Charlie.

Penguin Play

A quick joiner of three shots of Charlie, with a penguin running around her feet. They play with dots of reflected light, just like cats. At the top right is the CD the penguin keeper was using to shine light…

(jumper red)

A very bright jumper. This one is actually two shots, stitched together with PanoEdit.

Hair Today

All the hair colours lined up perfectly in front of me, and I happened to be quick enough to get the shot. Happy Girl in the background was just a lucky coincidence.