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Balloon and Moon

A balloon and Tha Moon (link is annoying and loud and requires Flash).

Aerosaurus at Tiverton Balloon Festival

We had a long wait for the balloons to take off, and the ‘mass ascent’ turned out to be just four balloons, due to the weather conditions (very nice weather for us, not so good for balloons, it seems). We…

Aerosaurus Balloon

I’d just stepped outside our door at home to see what the weather was like, and there was a balloon floating past. I grabbed my SEL55210 zoom, and got a few shots, including this one.

Two Red Balloons

We see hot air balloons fairly often over Tiverton.  On Thursday evening, the Virgin balloon was flying fairly low over the town.   Then, on Friday morning, as Sam and I headed out for work, the Triumph balloon peeked at…