Say Hello To My Little Friends

Now I’m back home in my little creative paradise, I have been re-acquainting myself with some long lost friends. Allow me to re-introduce them to you. Acrylic Paint My bold, brash chum. Beautiful, bright and bubbly, and if I’m honest, ever so slightly intimidating. I want to dive in and play but the sheer intensity […]

Parker Vacumatic

After returning the Sheaffer PFM I bought on eBay, with a very helpful seller, I now have my first Parker Vacumatic. I like it a lot. Filling is easy, it writes nicely, and looks beautiful. I also got a Parker/Silver Crane ceramic desk tidy, in almost perfect condition. A new pen meant new ink, so […]

Michael’s Scribbles: 2008-04-01

I have a Pentel GraphGear 1000 0.3mm pencil, which I’d filled with Pilot Eno 2B leads, because I get on better with softer lead. The problem was that it wore down very quickly. I couldn’t use it for taking notes at work, because I’d have to stop to click more lead out three or more times when writing down an address.

Today, I finally got around to trying it out with Pentel AIN HB grade lead, and it’s much better. Yes, the line isn’t as dark, so it’s not quite as easy to read, but I can write several lines between clicks.