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Trying Polarr

I’ve tried a few photo apps for iOS. Quite a few. None have quite measured up for one reason or another, but Polarr is looking pretty close. Most of the time, I’m ok with the editing tools in the standard…


Mango, also known as Tiverton Tesco Cat, sitting in the foyer. iPhone X portrait mode.

iPhone X: Upgrading From my iPhone 7

I’ll start with the story of how I came to be upgrading, and how the upgrade, through EE’s annual upgrade program, happened, so skip forward a bit if you just want to know my first impressions of the iPhone X.…

Apple SD Card Reader for iOS Devices

I love this little device: Simple little trick there – it’s labelled to show which way up the card goes in, but in Apple style, it’s labelled with a tiny, pale ‘icon’ logo, which is quite difficult to see. Every…

Charlie at the Eden Project

Sort of. Charlie wasn’t there, but Sam was talking to her on iMessage, so she’s kind of in the photo. The bokeh background is the kitchen and restaurant area.

Penguin Phone

Charlie’s iPhone, in her pocket. It’s in a penguin case. I think she likes penguins.


It was actually the Mocha Shocker at the Independent Coffee Trader in Tiverton, made with chilli chocolate. Coffee, dark chocolate, and hot chilli. A fantastic combination.