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Photos taken (or maybe the occasional post about) my Leica Elmar 90mm lens. Being an Elmar means it’s f/4, so it isn’t especially fast, but it’s very small and light. It’s also really sharp. It’s a nice combination – small and light enough to be with me almost all the time, but a decent amount of extra reach compared to a 35mm or 50mm, or the 40mm Voigtlander I use most of the time. It’s of limited use in low light, but good in daylight.

Police Chaplain

Not quite sure how this is a thing.See Flickr for bigger version.


Hello i am llamaSee Flickr for bigger version.


Two women walking by at the Devon County Show. Like my photography? Have a look at my Patreon, where you can support my work and get lots more photo sets from $1.See Flickr for bigger version.


A woman with a flower in her hair, at the Devon County Show.See Flickr for bigger version.

Industar-50 Lens

My Industar-50 lens, sitting on a wall, just outside our front door. Small, light, collapsible, and surprisingly good. I don’t often use this lens, but I always enjoy it when I do. Taken with my Leica Elmar 90mm.See Flickr for…