Being Forty

I turned 40 the other day. It came as quite a shock. I wasn’t expecting that much vomit. Yes, in a sequence of events so crappy it could have been a verse in Alanis Morrisette’s “Ironic”, a day that was to contain magic, dancing and celebrations became a day of projectile vomiting, sweats and mumbled […]

Pre-Op Ramblings – Part One

After years of trying and failing to lose weight by various means, I am now going for surgery. Gastric Bypass may seem an extreme solution to those who believe weight loss is simply a case of not cramming cakes in your mouth and moving more than once a week, but to those who fight the […]

Two Years as a Randall

Just a quickie before I fly off to work, but today is our second wedding anniversary. Two years of saying “No, it’s spelled R-A-N-D-A-L-L”.


Many things have changed in the last two years. We moved to another part of the country, and parts of me are gradually disappearing…


But one thing will never change. The glorious, fun, life-affirming, daft and loving relationship I have with my husband.


Happy anniversary, hubster. I love you.

2007 leads to 2008

So, there went 2007, and here’s 2008.

It’s been an interesting sort of a year for us. When 2007 arrived, we’d only just moved to Devon, and had sort of theoretically started new jobs, but not quite. In the space of a year, I’ve settled happily into the new job, while Sam’s been through a few of them. We’ve lost a cat, and Sam’s lost a grandmother and eight stone. Her mum had cancer, and then didn’t again.

Speaking of my work, I’ve had a couple of successful projects there – PenFinder and Pencyclopedia, along with enjoying the general day-to-day stuff.