Trying Polarr

I’ve tried a few photo apps for iOS. Quite a few. None have quite measured up for one reason or another, but Polarr is looking pretty close. Most of the time, I’m ok with the editing tools in the standard Photos app. It’s quite capable, on macOS. On iOS, though, it lacks quite a few […]

Working Anywhere – Reality

I posted the other day about working from the top of a mountain. The mountain was played by Sheeps Tor, a bit of a rocky hill; and the work was played by copying a few images from camera to MacBook. I actually did transfer all the images while we were still there, but from the less impressive location of our car.

MacBook Air, using Eye-Fi card to copy images from my camera. Sheeps Tor seen through the windscreen.

I use an Eye-Fi card, which is an SD card like any other, but with the addition of WiFi. If it doesn’t find a WiFi network nearby that it knows about, it sets up its own, which the Mac can then connect to, letting the Eye-Fi software pull images from the camera. Once set up, it all happens automatically, as long as the camera and MacBook are sitting close to each other. I took the photos with the camera while the images were being copied from it, and they just joined the queue to transfer.

I’ll write a bit more about this soon – it’s time to update on my photo workflow, as it’s changed a lot since I last posted about it, with some nice automated stuff going on.

Working Anywhere

In ads for things like laptops and mobile internet services, people are always shown working in the most unexpected places. Sitting on a beach writing their monthly sales report, or emailing their boss the latest production spreadsheet for the EMEA region from the top of a bleak mountain somewhere.

Originally, the boss would receive it at work or home, and nod, impressed that our hero is in the office at all hours. These days, the boss may well be receiving the results on the golf course, or even on the next peak across the mountain range.

Well, when I found myself at the top of Sheeps Tor on Dartmoor, I couldn’t resist the urge to pop my MacBook Air out of my bag, and transfer a few images across from my camera wirelessly. Can’t miss a chance to emulate an annoying git in an advert.

More pics from the same trip should be coming soon.

And yes, the rock did scratch the bottom of my Mac a little. And I knew it probably would. And I did it anyway, for the sake of getting the photo.