Two Years as a Randall

Just a quickie before I fly off to work, but today is our second wedding anniversary. Two years of saying “No, it’s spelled R-A-N-D-A-L-L”.


Many things have changed in the last two years. We moved to another part of the country, and parts of me are gradually disappearing…


But one thing will never change. The glorious, fun, life-affirming, daft and loving relationship I have with my husband.


Happy anniversary, hubster. I love you.

Twelve Years in Twelve Words

Sentimental mush alert…

  • Enlightening – because I’ve learned so much from you.
  • Silly – because you are.
  • Supportive – because you’re always there for me.
  • Snorglable – because even with your recent pruning, I still must snorgle eet.
  • Exciting – because at the end of a working day, my heart still flutters when I see you for the first time.
  • Patient – because you have it by the bucketload. Good job since I’m now a diet bore who can’t eat without consulting three books and a web site.
  • Kind – because every time I say “That’s a nice fountain pen”, you always try to give it to me.
  • Creative – because you are and you encourage me to be.
  • Gorgeous – because you are. So shut up.
  • Interesting – because after 12 years, I’d still rather spend time with you than anyone.
  • Thoughtful – because, well, two words… Paperblanks diary.
  • Grateful – because I am.

Happy 12th Anniversary, Michael. I love you.

Just Married!

[image:1880 size=small]

The Honeymoon

Michael’s Blog Post

All about the Buxton trip. Including the trip to Somerfield to buy cat food and fly spray. Admit it, you envy us and our rock n’ roll lifestyle.

Sam’s Flickr Set

Starring a chilled out swan and a sexy leather-clad hubby.

Michael’s Flickr Set

Starring Paddington Bear, ironic litter and a funny looking bird (no, not me).

The Wedding

Wedding Pictures

Contains snogging, sobbing and The Plastic The Lovely Mr Hudson.

Sam’s Wedding Updates

Sam’s weekly blog posts from the date of the proposal to the week before the wedding.

The Proposal

In which Michael pours out his heart about the great things in our relationship, including yawning and dog poo. And I react by revealing rather embarrassing details about what I thought he was going to do for our anniversary. Hehe.


I’ve been engaged for nearly 24 hours, and I’m still utterly gibber, so bear with me. My post might not make a lot of sense but I don’t really care!

I’m looking down at my dumpy lil’ fingers, particularly the one with the diamonds on it. I can’t believe how lucky I am. Not only is he a gorgeous, supporting, loving partner, he’s taught me so much about life, nature, technology… he’s brought so much into my life that I would have otherwise missed out on, and I’m so grateful to him for that. I think he might regret getting me into Metallica and Guns N’ Roses, but there we go. Actually, a girl I once worked with told me how much she liked Robbie Williams, but wasn’t allowed to listen to his music, or look at pictures, or watch him on TV because her husband got jealous. Michael, however, not only tolerates stuff like this but for our anniversary he did try to learn the opening riff of Sweet Child O’Mine – which isn’t easy (I know, I’ve tried myself).

Our Tenth Anniversary

Latest Update: The date is set – see the bottom of the post 😀

(It’s no good – I can’t wait until tomorrow to post this – our anniversary is actually on the 13th…)

Personal stuff ahead, and it’s all mushy – you might want to skip this one if you don’t like that sort of thing.

In case you’re not aware of it already, PigPog consists of two people – I’m Michael, and my partner is Sam. Today is our anniversary – she’s been with me for ten years, and it seems like a good time to explain just why I love her so much, and why she’s so important to me.