After seeing almost everyone’s Twitter avatars changing into little cartoon faces, and lots of links to FaceYourManga, I finally gave in and installed the latest version of Flash to give it a go.  The result isn’t bad.  I think it looks reasonably like me. I’m not sure if I’ll actually start using it as my […]

Thing A Day 8 – Our Man in Devon

Thing A Day 7 - Our Man in Devon

Here we are then at the start of the 2nd themed “Thing A Day” week, and as mentioned in previous posts, this time the theme is Devon. To start things off, a photogrid featuring my delightful hubster as he shoots his way around the wonderful county we call home. Most of these were taken in or around Tiverton, but there’s also shots from Sidmouth and the North Coast.

And since both of us are now off work for a week (yay!), I’ll be taking the opportunity to dust down the D40 and get snapping. There’s never any shortage of great photo opportunities around here, even the pigeons outside our flat seem to be ready for their close-up.

Meanwhile, emberlexi‘s been busy making books… a lovely little mushroom journal.

Thank you Irene and Tim

Dear Irene and Tim,

Today (well, tomorrow officially but Top Gear’s on soon and I won’t have time in the morning) we should all celebrate you, and thank you, for bringing into the world a being so splendid in so many ways.

Happy 35th Birthday Michael

Thank you.

And Michael? Happy 35th birthday. You’re my soulmate and my best friend and I absolutely adore you. I hope this weekend has been fun for you, and you have a happy day tomorrow. I’m sure that you will, since you’ll probably be playing with pens all day. 😉