Fixing my Nikon Lens

A few years ago, we sold a house. Freshly funded, I decided it was time to upgrade my old Nikon D40, and I replaced it with a D90. At the same time, I bought the Nikon 18-200mm VR DX zoom lens – covering the range I’d used two lenses for with my D40-based kit. It […]

Playing with Strobes at Home

While Sam is at work, I’ve been spending my time using her chair as a model, experimenting with my Nikon SB-800 and SB-600. I’ve learned a few things I didn’t know before: The Gorillapod makes a good flash holder, turning a chair, or the side of the sofa, into a light stand. Switching the camera […]

More Light

When I got my new camera gear, I’d included a Nikon SB-600 flash. It worked well off-camera, and I really enjoyed using it. As soon as I did, though, I ran into situations where a second flash would be useful. If the SB-600 worked out well, I’d always intended to add a second, bigger, light. […]

Upgrading My Camera Kit

Once we sold our house, and had a bit of money to spare, I wanted to upgrade my camera kit.  I had a Nikon D40, with the kit 18-55 lens, along with a 55-200 VR lens.  Together, they could handle most things, but there were a few problems: I often missed shots because I had […]