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I use PanoEdit for most of my ‘panorama’ or ‘stitched’ photos, and it does an amazingly good job very easily. It doesn’t offer any control for the things it can’t stitch, but unless your source images are really bad, it almost always works.

Panorama Stitcher: PanoEdit Returns

My favourite panorama stitching software, PanoEdit, vanished a few years ago. The version I had still worked, but I’d been quite aware ever since that if a new version of OS X came along that it didn’t work with any…

Ales from Devon

Signs and flags at the Devon County Show. A few photos, stuck together by PanoEdit.

Diagram of Connections

Diagram panel on The Masterpiece traction engine. Stitched from multiple images by PanoEdit.


A classic tractor, which Mary Phillips has driven from John O’Groats to Lands End, then back again, all at 9mph. She raised £56,000 for the Cornwall and Devon air ambulances – wasn’t just holding up traffic for fun. Lots of…

The Masterpiece (Pano)

A pano of The Masterpiece traction engine, at the Devon County Show. PanoEdit did it’s usual great job of stitching most of it together, but I wanted a rougher finish, with more of a hand-made look. I tried to do…

floo (Pano)

We were on ‘floo’. Charlie was all the way up on the 0th floo.