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Joiners, panos, photo-constructions – many names have been used, and people seem to argue about whichever one you use. I’m settling on ‘panography’ as a reasonably generic term that doesn’t seem to upset too many people. Most of the time, when I do this type of thing, I don’t try to hide the joins and make a perfect ‘panorama’ that looks like a single huge photo. I want the result to look rough and thrown-together. More of an impression of the scene than too much realism. Sometimes, I mix a bunch of photos with lots of different processing applied, some colour, some monochrome.

In terms of software, I mostly use PanoEdit and DoubleTake on my Mac. PanoEdit does good clean stitching very easily, but it doesn’t seem to be available any more. DoubleTake isn’t so good at stitching images cleanly, but hit ‘0’ (the zero key) and it stops trying entirely, leaving you with a really nice easy interface for dragging a bunch of photos around and putting them where you want them. I could do the same things with Pixelmator, or almost any decent image editor, but DoubleTake makes it easier.

Northernhay Gardens with People

A pano of Northernhay Gardens in Exeter, made up of lots of photos. For this one, I picked out shots with people, and even cut out partial shots to overlap to make it look like more people were there –…

Streets of Colours – Pano

I came across a fantastic guide to Bristol’s street art recently, and particularly loved Streets of Colours by Dan Kitchener. It’s like a Japanese Blade Runner – all shining neon reflecting on wet streets. While driving around Bristol a couple…

Panorama Stitcher: PanoEdit Returns

My favourite panorama stitching software, PanoEdit, vanished a few years ago. The version I had still worked, but I’d been quite aware ever since that if a new version of OS X came along that it didn’t work with any…

Marsh Barton, 2015-10-24

Our car was in for his MoT test, so we had a wander around Marsh Barton, as we usually do. A semi-deserted business park on a weekend is always good for photography. A Mercedes in pretty poor condition was good…

Devon North Coast (Pano)

** You might need to click for the bigger sizes to see much detail – I’ve exported this one at 8192px across, so there’s plenty to see. ** The North coast of Devon, between Minehead and Lynton/Lynmouth. This view suddenly…

Cardiff – Wales Millennium Centre (Pano)

The Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff. Lots of photos, with the basic stitched version done automatically by PanoEdit, then manual layers added in Affinity Photo. I had to move around a little, to make sure my reflection fitted right into…

La Cantina

A pano of La Cantina, who made what I think is probably the best burger I’ve ever eaten. 82 source photos, all taken with a Leica Elmar 135mm lens, manually put together in Affinity Photo. via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/uv2CfX

Ales from Devon

Signs and flags at the Devon County Show. A few photos, stuck together by PanoEdit.

Diagram of Connections

Diagram panel on The Masterpiece traction engine. Stitched from multiple images by PanoEdit.