Not Shooting Wide Open

I tend to shoot any lens wide open – at its widest available aperture – whenever I can. When I can’t because it’s too sunny, I’ll sometimes use a neutral density filter to cut the light down so I can. Most lenses aren’t at their best when used wide open, but I tend to like […]

Legacy Lenses and Battery Life

One of the complaints people often have about Sony’s E-mount cameras is their battery life. They don’t get the life most SLRs get. Sony could fit bigger batteries, but then the cameras would be bigger and heavier, and one of the reasons for choosing these cameras is having less to carry. It’s the reason I […]

Failing at Patreon

I tried to set up and run a Patreon account for my photography, with the idea that people would pay to see sets of photos. It failed, and I’ve given up and closed it down. This is just a bit about my experience and what I learned. Patreon? What? Explaining what it was seemed to […]