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  • Moleskine Notebooks vs Filofax – Cost Comparison

    If you’ve decided on paper, but you can’t decide if you’d be better off with a nice leather binder ( Filofax, Dayrunner or similar) or with Moleskine notebooks, you’ve probably figured that the cost of the Filofax option is pretty offputting compared to a Moleskine. You may also have realised that the cost of Moleskines…

  • PigPogPDA – a Moleskine Hacked into a Complete System

    PigPogPDA – a Moleskine Hacked into a Complete System

    An old post now, but still works – paper is like that. Uses a notebook as a simple GTD-based system.

  • GTD – The PigPog Method

    GTD – The PigPog Method

    A way of implementing GTD in a simple todo list app, avoiding a separate projects list.

  • Doing GTD Without Doing GTD

    Introduction I’m not really doing GTD any more. There. I’ve admitted it. That feels better. Why? Well, it’s just too much to manage for the stuff I actually need to track. I can’t use a single system, as work related stuff has to remain at work, and personal stuff has to remain outside work’s systems.…

  • GTD Introduction

    GTD – Getting Things Done – is a book by David Allen, giving a series of principles for managing the day to day tasks and projects we all have to do. It is based on the idea that if we get everything that concerns us out of our heads, and into a single trusted system,…