Getting a TV – LG 4k 43”

We haven’t had a TV for a long time. Last TV we bought was a CRT. Big and heavy, but only, I think, a 21” screen. Seemed big at the time. Back in those days, TVs weren’t smart. They used coax and SCART sockets, and other than displaying the signal they were sent from an […]

iPod Touches

We are now happy owners of two iPod Touches – I went to Exeter’s Apple store yesterday to pick then up as Sam made her way back from Birmingham. So far, I’m very impressed. It’s a great little PDA, does games well, syncs nicely with the Mac apps, and it’s an excellent little browsing machine. […]

Yet Another Filofax – Mini Guildford

I recently switched back to using my Pocket Lyndhurst Filofax. Notebooks were going ok, but for the question of where my ‘GTD-style’ lists went. I tried putting them on the computer, but I never got around to even putting them there in the first place. I came up with a couple of different ideas for mixing them in with my usual daily notes, or putting them in the back of the same notebook, but neither felt right. It would either take too long to find a list when I needed to quickly check something, or it would take too long to copy the lists over every time I started a new book.

Car Shopping

Bob - Front

We had rather a nice surprise on Tuesday. We had Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off work, because we were going to see An Evening With Andy Rouse on Tuesday night, and since I had plenty of holiday left, figured we’d take a bit of time around it.

On Tuesday morning, just as we were wondering what to do with the day up until we went to see Andy, my mobile rang. It was my mum, just calling to check that she had the right mobile number for me, and delete the other numbers she still had lying around from phones long since gone. Oh, and while she was talking to me, would we do something for them while we were off? Would we mind picking out our Christmas present for this year? Any car we wanted, with a budget of up to £10,000.