Pre-Op Ramblings – Part Three

The mission to increase activity, guided by my excellent physiotherapist, continues and is going rather well. I soon became bored of the ‘dancing on the spot for ten minutes’ routine and after my second appointment my instructions were amended to ‘at least twelve minutes, three times a day of whatever you like’. This resulted in […]

Race for Life – three weeks to go!

Just a quick one before I head off to work. On Sunday July 20th I will be taking part in the Race for Life at Westpoint in Exeter, alongside fellow Slimming World members from my old Monday night group.

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I’m doing the race this year for my Mum, who is recovering from bowel cancer, my old pal from Notts Jackie K, who has also kicked cancer’s arse and, yes, I’m also doing it for me. Two years ago I signed up to do the race in Nottinghamshire. But I was too unfit to go through with it, so I chickened out at the last minute. Now, over 10 stones lighter and walking at least a mile a day anyway, it seems like a good way to celebrate how life has changed.

I wanted to get a Sports Racer t-shirt but I doubt it would arrive in time for the race. Maybe one of these would work just as well…