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Cosplay – zen and the pursuit of the perfect beard

I’ve been playing dress-up for years. Since childhood I jumped at the chance to put on a costume and be someone else. It’s only in the last few years that I discovered the concept of cosplay. I met like-minded people…


See Flickr for bigger version.

Sam Buys a Minion Hat

Burn? No, don’t burn Minions. Give them bananas instead. Minions love bananas.

That Hat

Sam wears a bright wooly hat.

How’s this for a boost?

So, things had slowed down on the slimming front. It was inevitable, really. A continuous run of a stone a month only happens to people when they’re sick or named Kevin (sorry, group in-joke there). On Katrina’s advice I became…


*Looks around* Cor. What pigpogm lacks in real world decorating skills he more than makes up for around these parts. I am loving this new layout, and it’s really nice to be back with WordPress. In making the decision as…