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Photos taken with the Sony SEL35f18 lens – a 35mm f/1.8 prime lens for Sony E-Mount cameras, like my NEX. I like this lens a lot – it’s generally very well-liked, but I still think it tends to be underrated.

Under a Penguin

The underside of a penguin, taken from under water. They blow air rings underneath themselves as they swim.


Quack. Has a fish. Nom nom.

Ivy and Shadows

The shadows of the railings, at the bottom of the stairs that lead to our home.


Got to respect a man with a Noddy balloon.

Walking Under the Cover

The walkway leading to the entrance to the Eden Project. I used the Dramatic Light filter in onOne Perfect B&W for most of the image, but used Perfect Layers to mask out the woman’s head, and applied a bit of…