Inc. – A beautiful little shop in Exmouth

I’ve been a long-time admirer of local artist and Twitter Deity Moose Allain, and when I found out that some of his art was on sale in a shop in Exmouth, I had to go along and take a look at his art out in the real world. Which brought me to Inc. Alongside Moose’s […]

Christmas Eve – a New Tradition

We’ve made a new tradition. Shopping for the Christmas food shall be done on Christmas Eve, and we will try to buy as much of it as possible when it’s reduced to clear. After a very quiet half-day at work, I tried to call in at Tesco, but the queue was too much. I tried […]

A Frosty Trip Out

Yesterday, it was cold, so we hid in the flat. Today, we decided to face it. The car window was frosted into some pretty patterns, so I amused myself by photographing them while waiting for the car to warm up a bit. We filled up Bob (our Honda CR-V) with petrol first, then shopped at […]