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Sidmouth Seaside Stroll

People do like to be beside the seaside. Another one modified a bit in onOne Perfect Effects, giving things a bit of extra glow.

Seaside Railings

Edited in onOne’s Perfect Effects to give a nice feel to the colours, and adding a bit of glow to the sea.

Gull Head

A gull’s head. Looking very closely, I can just about make out my own reflection in its eye. Processed in onOne’s Perfect B&W to bring out the detail in the feathers and brighten the eye. Added vignette, and sepia tone.

Gull Does Not Read The Daily Mail

Sensible gull. We exchange looks of despair as people in deck chairs read the Daily Mail. Immigrants cause cancer. The sea causes cancer. Gulls cause cancer. Immigrant sea gulls cause cancer.

Sam Taking Photos

While I was photographing things, Sam was photographing things, too, with her NEX-5R.