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Legacy Lenses and Battery Life

One of the complaints people often have about Sony’s E-mount cameras is their battery life. They don’t get the life most SLRs get. Sony could fit bigger batteries, but then the cameras would be bigger and heavier, and one of…

Charlie Plays with a Penguin

There’s a penguin running around her feet, out of shot. On the right is a CD the keeper was holding, using it to reflect sunbeams down to the ground for the penguin to chase. Penguins like sunbeams, Charlie likes penguins.

Charlie Photographs

Not sure what she photographs at this point – just checking settings, perhaps.

Charlie Photographs Penguins

Probably not the most flattering choice of preset there – it’s one I’ve named ‘A Warm Middle’ – monochrome, with cold shadows and highlights, and, well, a warm middle.

Sony NEX-5R – in the hands of a novice.

I feel a bit of a fraud. My tiny amount of photography experience does not by any means make me a worthy owner of such a beautiful piece of equipment. Michael, however, thought otherwise and very kindly gave me a…

Unexpected Effects of Sony NEX

Having a Sony NEX camera (see my post about getting the NEX-6) has done for me what I hoped it would. I have a camera that I can fit in my coat pocket, that can take photos that are as…

Zoom – a New Lens for my NEX-6: the Sony SEL55210

I finally decided what my first lens purchase was going to be for my Sony NEX-6, after the standard kit zoom it arrived with. I chose the SEL55210 – a 55-210 zoom from Sony. There are larger zoom ranges available,…

A Brief Sony NEX-6 Update

Following on from my earlier posts about the NEX-6, I’ve had it a couple of weeks now. So, how is it? Pretty good. The only shots that haven’t gone entirely well with it were some fairly close-up product shots I…